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Why You Should Hire a Professional Restoration Company

Hiring a professional restoration company can be a first step in overcoming a disaster and regaining control. 

This blog post outlines some of the most prominent benefits of choosing a reputable restoration specialist instead of a general contractor or other repair technician when your property sustains fire, mold, or water damage.

If you are in the midst of a disaster, use this list to guide you in your recovery efforts. If you are not currently experiencing a property disaster, take this time to learn about professional restoration companies and keep contact information on hand if you need it.

Specialized Knowledge and Experience

Professional restoration companies specialize in the types of construction and damage mitigation techniques property owners need after fires, natural disasters, and situations such as tree impacts. Unlike most general contractors and property owners with DIY experience, restoration technicians train and work for years on combatting the different threats to property.

Professional restoration companies have industry knowledge and use equipment such as industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air filtration equipment. Based on their experience, they can quickly determine which materials are salvageable after a disaster. They can recognize threats such as patches of mold, frayed wiring, or animal infestation that a generalist might miss.

Prompt Damage Mitigation

Time is critical after a disaster. Any delays increase the risk of further damage and might complicate the process of obtaining a payout from insurance companies.

Professional damage restoration companies bring the right tools and know-how to act as quickly as possible. They assess the damage and quickly formulate a damage mitigation plan that could include drying out waterlogged materials that could grow mold, restoring structural integrity, and eradicating sources of contamination and disease. 

Understanding and Empathy

Effective damage restoration technicians realize that their customers are going through a difficult time. Coping with a disaster can make anyone feel frustrated, anxious, angry, and overwhelmed.

Restoration professionals provide reassurance and support as well as quality service. The best restoration specialists work to restore hope and quality of life as well as restoring property.

You can trust your restoration company to be patient and considerate throughout your communications. In contrast, a general contractor may not have as much experience with disaster restoration, limiting their ability to show empathy. 

Protecting What Is Most Important

A home or business is more than just beams, walls, and wiring. The buildings we inhabit are refugees against the elements and often our legacy for the future.

Many people, even professional contractors, can have difficulty determining what to save after a disaster, especially when a property faces ongoing threat. An established restoration company will be able to target its damage mitigation efforts to protect your family, pets, and prized possessions. 

Coordination With Insurance Companies

Property owners who hire a professional restoration company are often in the process of filing a claim with their homeowners or business insurance company. An experienced company will thoroughly document the services it provides in a way that supports a successful insurance claim and expedites claims processing. Financial uncertainty is a common problem during disaster recovery, so the ability to work closely with insurance companies is an invaluable asset.

Did a contractor or property manager make mistakes that caused or exacerbated the damage to your property? If you need to pursue litigation, your restoration company can document the damage and the nature of the work they performed.


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The entire experience with this company was amazing.

The entire experience with this company was amazing. They did not hesitate to take on the renovation job after the storm. The experience was smooth sailing the whole way. Everyone was friendly. Communication was fluid. Thanks for making me and my house a success story.