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Providing Trustworthy Hurricane Ian Water Damage Restoration In Tampa, Florida And Surrounding Areas

Oklahoma-based, U.S. strong. Our services extend to Floridians during the aftermath of the Hurricane Ian crisis. Call us at 813-771-7080 to learn more.

Natural disasters often leave people’s homes and lives in tatters. In these cases, our neighbors need collective support and care the most.

At Blitz Restoration, we take action to restore homes and businesses affected by fierce weather. Our highly qualified technicians, years of expertise, and desire to provide a helping hand back our services. You can rest assured our affordable Oklahoma services can mitigate and repair Florida storm damage in these trying times.

Why Choose Us To Clean Up After Hurricane Ian?

Hurricane Ian was one of the deadliest and most destructive hurricanes to hit the state since Labor Day 1935. Houses flooded, walls collapsed, and mobile home communities saw entire blocks razed.Because of the damage and the sheer number of people in need, all hands are on deck in central Florida. Since large parts of the state have sustained severe damage, state officials have requested federal assistance to recover.

When experienced and qualified people offer their services, Florida citizens have more chances to recuperate. With state resources running thin, our duty as neighbors in this country includes helping whenever we can. Being from Oklahoma, we are no strangers to severe weather. Our fully licensed and insured team knows how to navigate broken power lines and heavy debris while also utilizing specialized equipment. Once inside, we get straight to work, acting quickly to return homes and businesses to their former glory.

Our Damage Mitigation and Restoration Process

We always focus on tackling the heavy lifting with each job, allowing you to rest, process the situation, and recover. Our people-first approach means we take care of your needs to the best of our abilities at all times. We also try to preserve as much of the original property as possible.

Our hurricane and tropical storm recovery process includes the following:

·       Assess the damage and make a note of any residual issues. This assessment may include identifying mold development, inspecting the property foundation, or taking photographs of the environment. Our work helps build evidence for your storm insurance claim to receive compensation.

·       Identify potential future issues caused by the storm. We review ways to mitigate storm damage and keep as much of the original building as possible. However, because our overall goal is your safety, we will notify you of any unsalvageable circumstances regarding your property.

·       Offer a free, no-hassle estimate on repair costs. This estimate can contend with the estimate drawn by your insurance adjuster, who may lowball some damage. We recommend calling a restoration expert with the knowledge to help you receive as much compensation as possible.

·       Determine a plan of action to repair your building. Once we have completed the salvaging stage, we plan new rebuilding blueprints and acquire development approvals.

·       Restore and renew your property. We use state-of-the-art equipment for water removal and dehumidifying. Our tools also allow us to quickly erect new walls and build sturdier support for those existing.

We repair and renew residential and commercial properties sabotaged by water, fire, mold, and other destructive forces. Our experience allows us to tackle Florida storm damage with ease. 

The Blitz Approach in Florida

Hurricane Ian revealed severe preparation issues in local properties. Many home and business walls were too weak to stand against the high-mileage winds and water pressure.

We have had the opportunity to learn which buildings withstood the storm and how they did it. Our experts can now implement those improvements into any building we restore. As we proceed with Florida repairs, we expect you to have long-lasting solutions that can brave potential storms in the future.

To receive the best Florida storm damage repairs possible, contact us online or call 813-771-7080. Blitz Restoration contractors are ready to use our knowledge and equipment to help you build back stronger.

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The entire experience with this company was amazing.

The entire experience with this company was amazing. They did not hesitate to take on the renovation job after the storm. The experience was smooth sailing the whole way. Everyone was friendly. Communication was fluid. Thanks for making me and my house a success story.


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The entire experience with this company was amazing.