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Restoration Services in Oklahoma City, OK

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When dealing with a disaster that affects your property, the last thing you want to worry about is subpar service. Blitz Restoration technicians have several years of experience working with all property damages. Our high-quality residential and commercial restoration services restore our neighbors’ comfort in the Oklahoma City, OK, area.

Top-Standard Restoration in Oklahoma City

Home and business owners in Oklahoma City need a restoration company that can tackle any damages anytime. Blitz Restoration stays available 24/7 because catastrophic events don’t have a schedule. We constantly update our equipment and use the leading industry tactics to establish a speedy damage cleanup plan.

Rely on us to put your care and accommodations first. We develop plans around your budget and schedule, working closely with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. Our experts always utilize safe and efficient processes to produce the most satisfactory results, no matter the catastrophe.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Fire and smoke damage leave lasting effects on your property when not cleaned with proper attention to detail. Our thorough methods ensure you receive the most comprehensive assistance possible at reasonable prices. Our fire damage restoration follows this step-by-step process:

  • Identify the damages: Fire damage sometimes hides in innocuous spaces, such as air ducts, vents, or the foundation. We scour the property for all possible evidence of residual damage to fix all of it during the damage cleanup process.
  • Minimize further damage: If your property cannot house you or others, we temporarily block off access and take steps to reduce the chance of further accidental damage.
  • Insurance filing: We help provide accurate estimates for your insurance claim. The more extensive and detailed the claim, the more likely you are to receive compensation to cover the restoration costs.
  • Restoring your property: Blitz Restoration technicians complete quick and effective restoration projects for residential and commercial properties. 

Water Damage Restoration Services in Oklahoma City, OK

When left untreated, even small amounts of water can necessitate expensive repairs. For example, leftover water may weaken the foundation of your property or cause mold development. That is why our team at Blitz Restoration takes water damage restoration seriously.

We pump standing water out of your property before treating residual moisture with dehumidifiers. Our experts also evaluate the upholstery and remaining furniture to help you retain as much of it as possible. We thoroughly document all damage to help you with your insurance claim.

Mold Remediation in Oklahoma City, OK

Mold is an adaptive fungus that often hides and grows in places with lots of access to moisture and low sunlight. Mold growth is often a byproduct of water damage. The spores propagate quickly in areas like:

  • An HVAC air duct system
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Crawl spaces

Mold spreads quickly and can harm a person’s physical health. Symptoms like skin irritation, asthma, allergic reactions, and more can appear in days. Long-term exposure could lead to other, more severe health complications.

Blitz Restoration experts act fast when you suspect you may have a mold problem in your residential or commercial property. Our mold remediation services in Oklahoma City, OK, utilize top-quality disinfectants and equipment to make your property safe. We also provide advice on preventing future outbreaks.

Storm Damage Restoration Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Storms bring on various types of damage and often require extensive cleanups. Blitz Restoration has you covered, from water damage restoration and mold remediation to fire damage restoration and debris cleanup. We ensure your property ends up as safe and beautiful as it was before the storm occurred.

Our storm damage restoration processes aim to satisfy you and always put you first.

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Blitz Restoration provides efficiency that never forgets the humane comfort needed after a tragedy. Our company’s restoration services in Oklahoma City, OK, are second to none. Call us at  (405) 443-3110 anytime to receive your free estimate.

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The entire experience with this company was amazing.

The entire experience with this company was amazing. They did not hesitate to take on the renovation job after the storm. The experience was smooth sailing the whole way. Everyone was friendly. Communication was fluid. Thanks for making me and my house a success story.


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The entire experience with this company was amazing.