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5 Telltale Signs of Water Damage in Your Walls

Many Americans face water damage in their homes. In fact, one in 60 insured homeowners files water or freezing damage claims every year. A pipe or roof leak may be difficult to identify, but signs of water damage in walls, ceilings, and other areas can alert you to a potential water problem in your house. 

Blitz Restoration provides water damage restoration in Edmond, OK. In this article, we share some signs to look out for to address water damage at your home as quickly as possible. 

5 Signs Indicating Water Damage in Your Walls

Whether you need to assess your home after a flood or you suspect you have leaking pipes, look out for the following five signs of water damage in your home’s walls:

1. Discolored Stains

White or light-colored walls show water damage through discoloration. Water stains may have a brown hue, and they grow over time if the leak remains unaddressed. You may also notice discoloration on your ceilings that spreads down where it meets the walls. 

If you notice a new discolored spot on your drywall or ceiling, don’t delay your investigation of the source of the leak. Even a small stain can indicate significant water damage hidden behind the wall. 

2. Flaking, Peeling, or Bubbling Paint

Moisture trapped inside drywall can collect under the paint barrier, causing it to detach from the surface and bubble or crack. If you have a dark paint color on a wall, you may notice peeling paint before discoloration caused by water damage. 

If you notice a large water bubble under your paint, contact a water damage restoration company rather than try to pop it yourself. Water damage professionals have the equipment and training to help prevent further problems. 

3. Softened or Warped Drywall

If you notice discoloration or flaking paint, the drywall beneath may contain more water than it seems. If you suspect water damage in a particular spot, but the exterior feels normal, put some weight there. If the drywall caves in, the backside may have significant water damage. 

As drywall becomes waterlogged, it may appear sunken, swollen, warped, or saggy. Signs of warpage can be subtle at first but can lead to more serious structural damage if not taken care of.

4. Musty Odor 

You can see the above signs of water damage in your walls, but the next signal relies on your nose. Water damage causes a musty, earthy odor, such as the smell of an old, damp basement. If you notice a musty smell, follow your nose to the source of the odor, and look for other signs of water damage, such as discoloration, peeling paint, or mold growth, which appears as small black or green spots. 

5. Increase in Water Bill 

Visible signs of water damage appear quickly in some situations, like burst pipes, but a small leak may take time to show itself in your walls. If you have an undetected leak, you may first notice an unexpected increase in your water bill. 

If you notice an unusually high water bill and eliminate a rise in water usage or rates as the culprit, a plumber or restoration professional can help you determine if your home has a water leak. 

Let Us Handle Your Water Damage Restoration in Edmond, OK

If you have intruding water in your walls, you must act fast to prevent further damage and restore your home to its former state. At Blitz Restoration, we help home and business owners restore their properties and their peace of mind with water damage restoration services. We can handle every aspect of your restoration, including water removal, mold removal services, and all the necessary repairs. Contact us if you notice any of the above signs of water damage in walls, ceilings, or other areas of your home or business in Edmond, OK, or a surrounding community. Call (405) 443-3110.

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